“Let the talent, in its various ways, reunite the Mexican diaspora. Let our uniqueness and passion build bridges among Mexicans (within Mexico and abroad), as well as people from other nationalities. Let technology, education, innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership turn into the means and tools to crate these bridges. Let initiatives such as Machine Learning 4 Mexico shape the pathways of these bridges.

Held on March 22nd, 2018, the 1st Virtual Symposium of Machine Learning 4 Mexico gathered Mexican experts on machine learning, from Mexico and abroad, and became the kickstart of new research and corporate projects focused in Machine Learning ‘in Mexico and for Mexico’. The symposium shone a light onto what this technology is capable of doing; Machine Learning is posed to undoubtedly help key development projects in Mexico move forward more efficiently, as indicated by Omar Costilla Reyes from Red Global MX, UK Chapter, co-founder of Machine Learning 4 Mexico.

All in all, this event accomplished two key objectives: 1) educate a rather diverse audience on the current status and benefits of Machine Learning, and 2) pique the interest of the Mexican society on this technology as its importance in the near future will become more apparent for the overall development of the country.” – Ana Laura Gonzalez Rio 

From: https://www.redglobalmxbc.com/blog/machinelearning4mexico

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